Why you should quit smoking

why quit smoking

why quit smoking

Each smoker out there with a desire to quit has their own personal reason or reasons behind this decision.  Having at least one very good reason in mind will be an important part of quitting smoking for good.  No matter what your personal reasons that have made you decide that it’s time to quit, you need to make sure that they will always outweigh your cigarette cravings.

There are so many important reasons for quitting smoking and, if you are looking for a rock solid reason to hold on to in order to help you maintain your focus, then you are sure to find one.  Here are some of the most important reasons that will help keep you motivated:

1.  Quitting smoking helps you save money.  If you do a rough calculation based on the number of cigarettes that you smoke every day, you can calculate your average spend on a monthly basis.  If you are a regular smoker, this figure can be anything from $200 to $400 per month and, just imagine how much you could save within just one year!  By lighting up, it’s like tossing your cash in the trash or setting it on fire and, because of this, the financial aspect is one of the most common reasons that help people quit.

2.  Quitting smoking is good for the nose.  Smoking can result in nasal irritation and promote nasal drainage.  Scientific research also indicates that smokers are more susceptible to problems like sinus infections which come with a range of unpleasant symptoms.  Relieve yourself of this pain by quitting!

3.  Smoking smells bad.  As a smoker, you probably don’t even notice that pungent cigarette stench that seems to hover around long after you’ve had a smoke.  Non-smokers, however, do notice and even the fanciest perfume will not be able to mask that odour.  If you want the way you smell to compliment the way that you look, then use this reason to keep you on track.

4.  Quitting smoking is good for your health.  It’s pretty common knowledge that smoking leads to lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and many other health problems.  Before you get sick or even if you are experiencing certain symptoms already, it’s time to put yourself and your health first.

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